The Brink (Comic book)

The Brink comic book series

The Brink is a supernatural Detective thriller that plays with our perceptions of reality with gritty themes and twists.

Following an official review into the way police carry out investigations into certain crimes, an independent report identified failings in cases of a paranormal nature. As a result, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) created the Fringe Services Division (FSD) to assist the police in dealing with investigations flagged ‘Brink case’.

Detective Inspector Sally Shivers and Detective Sergeant Cameron Beckett are thrown together when assigned to the unit.

Beckett has orders to remain sceptical, while Shivers hides secrets that drew her to the unit.

Brink cases reveal that things of nightmares do not just exist in our imagination, and the MoD will use Shivers and Beckett to ensure UK residents remain safe. But how far will they go to hide the truth?

Issue #2 has DI Sally Shivers is hot on the heels of the creature as the journey continues…

DI Shivers and Kane follow the trail of destruction but they are against the clock if they want to stop the creature from killing again.

Numen Labs are at the center of the investigation. DS Beckett tries to make sense of it all but Shivers is not forthcoming with information.

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