13 things to watch at Halloween

Here are 13 of my favourite things to watch at Halloween. Enjoy!

House of 1000 corpses
Violent, dark, creepy and disturbing. What the hell am I thinking? Even the thought sends shivers through me.

The Shining
Oh yes, this creepy haunted house tale is still a good one. I’d love to see a remake… But they’d have to do an outstanding job!

Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors
My first introduction to Freddy Krueger. There are some outstanding scenes in this movie.

Blood Drive
This is crazy grindhouse stuff. Fast paced series full of cars, sex, violence and lots and lots and lots of blood. Love it.

Michael Jackson Thriller
I see this as a short film, the effects are still impressive and I felt conflicted when it was on YouTube and my young son saw it… So it must be good for Halloween!

I only have a few words for this movie because it made me feel very weird when it ended, in fact I almost went insane… Twisted, mental, clever, arty with abit of porn (I shudder when I say that, watch it to find out why).

The 2017 movie is thoroughly enjoyable. If you like Stranger Things (bonus suggestion) then this will appeal. Bill Skarsgard plays IT so well, I believe Satan himself brought him to this world as a gift to us all.

The Cabin in the Woods
Such a fun movie that I expected to be quite bad. Turns out, I really enjoyed it.

You can’t do Halloween without Halloween! Old or New, they’re both a horrifyingly awesome scare.

American Horrow story
Season 8 is proving to be one of the best. But if you want to binge watch a whole season at a time, I’d recommend going back to Season 1:Murder House or Season 2: Asylum.

Why not binge watch all 4 Insidious movies. I reckon it’ll be enough to trap yourself in the astral dimension!

Family Guy Season 9, Episode 1:And Then There Were Fewer
Murders occur, nice little twist, funny things happen, stewie is awesome, enough said.

The Haunting of Hill House
How awesome is this series on Netflix?! Start watching it now, piece the puzzle together and be utterly satisfied.

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