10 Apps to extend your brain storage

Using your phone to expand your brain storage

Humans have achieved so much. We flew to the Moon, we've used energy to transform the way we live, we've taken billions of people out of poverty. We have smart phones with more processing power than we needed to send a rocket to the moon. However, our phones, with the potential to make us hundreds of IQ points smarter, just aren't doing it. I believe the reason for this is that we simply don't use our phones in a smart way.

We know human memory is questionable. You could have a good idea one minute and forget it in the next. You could come up with a story or song and by the time you get round to creating it, you won't remember any of it.

In utilising our phone as an extension of our brain, the first thing we should be doing is offloading our memory to it. Our main brain should do the thinking while our phone should act as an additional memory card. And by increasing our storage, we won't forget anything.

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Steven Sweeney BSc(Hons), MSc

'The Brink' comic creator, author, Web developer and musician with 5 albums.