Comic book lettering fonts

In 'The Brink' comic book I use a variety of fonts. I'll tell you about them.


In The Brink, the font I use for speech and locations is 'Anime Ace 2.0 BB'. In Clip Studio Paint, the text size for speech is 5.7 and for the locations it's a little bigger at 8.0.


For Sound effects I use 'BadaBoom BB', at any size that fits. I usually rasterise the text so I can manipulate it as an image.


I have also used 'DJB Get Digital' for timers, like the count down in issue 2 and when Taker wakes up in issue 5.

I have also used 'Adam Warren pro', 'FF Erikrighthand pro' and 'Initials BB Regular font' which I really like. I used it in issue 3 for Clowns little song and in issue 4 when Beckett hears whispering and it is identical to the font Pantera used for their lyrics in the album song books.


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