Starting a new comic book – The Brink

I decided that I want to create a comic book. I spend a portion of my spare time writing and wanted to try something a bit different. I thought it would be easy… While I’ve found it fun and enjoyable so far, it’s definitely not easy. I’ll give you an overview of issue #1 and a little more on the wider context of the story.

The comic book title is ‘The Brink’. It’s about a Detective who is assigned a new role in the Fringe Services Division of the police in London. The unit was implemented by the Ministry of Defence to investigate criminal cases that contain unexplained or unearthly elements. The reasons the MoD are involved will become clearer (or more intriguing) as the series progresses.

It begins with Detective Sergeant Cameron Beckett being summoned to a meeting with the Commissioner who informs him he’ll be working with Detective Inspector Sally Shivers. His goal is to stay objective and report back on the facts of the ‘Brink’ cases to put an end to DI Shivers enthusiasm for the paranormal. Beckett doesn’t have much choice but to accept but with the promise of fast promotion he wonders if there is more going on than meets the eye.

Their first case is the investigation of a series of murders where the victims have had their spines removed. While they investigate the case I’ll also explore their back story. Beckett seems like a good upstanding character. He’s cleaner than clean. Shivers doesn’t exactly play by the rules and may be hiding a few paranormal secrets herself.
Other characters that are part of the long-term story arc will make appearances too. Deciding if they’re friend or foe may not be a straight forward process.

I’ll post more about the individual characters, more about my ideas for cases that they’ll investigate and my journey along the way.

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